How wide are French doors

March 18 2020

French doors are a very popular choice in all kinds of homes, especially at the moment, when creating a seamless transition between the interior and exterior of your home is the latest trend. French doors are also an excellent way of adding more flair to the interior design of your home, however, you’ll need to consider their width before you go ahead and place your order. Size is especially important when choosing French doors for your property, as if your opening is too big or too small for traditional French doors then you may need to look at other options, such as a single door, sliding, or bi-folding doors.

What is the size of a French door?

French doors and door apertures (or openings) come in several standard sizes. The size of a French door will be set by its manufacturer, but generally, it will be between 30-72” in width per door. Usually, they can be bought in increments of 2 inches. French doors are usually sold as a pair of around 120cm, 150cm or 180cm in total. If the doors have sidelights, they could be wider – up to 300cm.

Just to confuse matters further, sometimes French doors are sold in feet as opposed to centimetres. These usually begin at 4 feet and go up to 10 feet depending on their design. They will usually have a height of around 82 inches or 210 cm regardless of their width.

The door manufacturer should be able to tell you the required brickwork opening size for the French doors of your choice.

How to size your space

The first thing to do is to measure the opening available for your French doors and then compare that measurement to the sizes we’ve listed above. Make sure you’ve measured correctly from the door trim’s underside up to the sill. Also measure the width at the bottom, centre and top of the opening. If those measurements vary (which is quite possible), use the shortest measurement.

What do I do if my opening is not a standard size?

If the opening for your French doors isn’t one of the standard sizes, that isn’t necessarily a problem. When you choose SafeChoice to supply your French doors, you can rest assured that they will be tailor made to your own measurements and specifications. That means you can be certain of the perfect fit. All are made to order and are made from the very best quality materials so you have complete peace of mind in the security, comfort and aesthetic appeal of your home.

Choosing your French doors

If you’re ready to choose the right French doors for you and your home, contact a SafeChoice partner today. Whether you have a contemporary home or live in a traditional-style property, we have the perfect French doors to suit your tastes and the character of your house.

Find out more about what we can offer and get in touch now.

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