Flush Windows

April 23 2021

Featured Product – Flush Windows

We’re thrilled to announce that flush casement windows is our latest featured product. Traditional and stylish, whilst embracing modern technology these are quickly becoming the window of choice with our customers.
Bricks and mortar may be the foundation of your home but the windows are what give any building its personality and uniqueness. Flush sash windows bring all the beauty of heritage designs without any drawbacks. Whether your home is a traditional country estate or a modern inner city flat the flush sash brings elegance and quality into every home. 

What are flush windows?

Designed to look like a traditional casement window, flush windows don’t protrude from the building. Once only available for timber frames, we now provide them in a PVCu finish. You can still achieve the timber effect by selecting one of our impressively realistic timber look foils. Using equal sightlines, the window frames appear the same width, to give your property an understated symmetrical perfection. With the option for mechanical joints, you won't find a window that looks so simple yet so flawless.

Advantages of flush windows

  • Increased energy efficiency – When closed, flush windows have an airtight seal, which means unwanted draughts and airflow are a thing of the past. No longer will your reading nooks or cosy nights on the sofa be spoilt on colder days.  If you are looking at how you can lower your carbon footprint this year, new windows are a great option. Added thermal benefits to our A and A+ windows will ensure your energy bills will be lower this winter.
  • Increased natural light – Due to the design of the frame this style of window allows more natural light into your home thus providing you with a warmer and brighter atmosphere. Who wouldn’t want their home to feel more welcoming?
  • Improved durability – our PVCu window frames are stronger and resistant to weather. Our unique high performing Q-lon weather seal ensures your windows perform year after year. These windows are also low maintenance needing just the occasional wipe down and oiling – no painstaking annual paint job needed here!

Are they customisable?

Of course! Our flush window systems offer you the very best in performance and style, with a range of colours and options to suit your needs. Whether you want traditional timber style joints and cottage bars, or contemporary equal sightlines and modern handles, our flush sash window system is able to suit your home.

Click here to learn more about the types of colours that are available to you.

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